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Pure Math Book apps

Imagine a complete A-Level Pure Mathematics course in the palm of your hand!

Our Pure math apps are based on the two books above.

We have designed an Android smart app for every chapter:

* Differentiation* Further Integration
* Integration* Vectors in 3-D
* Algebra* Coordinate geometry
* Binomial theorem* Curve sketching
* Series* Differential equations
* Trigonometry* Complex numbers


Well-organized content

Easy- to-understand explanations

Extended explanations for each section

Simplified work-around alternatives given

Graphic illustrations with multiple coloring

Video Tutor app available

A companion app with video explanation:

Each chapter has a companion video app

The content in the book is explained by a Tutor on the blackboard

The app has video, audio and captions.

Available at the App stores

We are working hard to produce more Apps for ios iPhone and iPad:

One can download our Chapter apps directly here from our site:

Apple iPhone and iPad Apps underway; please check back soon …

OR one can download conveniently from the Google Playstore: